Submit a proposal

Sick of constantly having to write background sections that summarize the same intersection of literature? Wish there was a review paper that you could cite to explain to people from all fields how the research fits together? Now’s your chance to make it happen! Proposals should be approximately 1-2 pages, and address the following questions:

Expectations of accepted proposals: By submitting a proposal to this workshop, you are agreeing to take the lead on organizing the resulting review paper and that one of the proposers will give a ~10-15 minute talk on your proposed topic. It is reccomended that you plan on bringing a rough outline of the review with you to the workshop as jumping off point for further discussion. Any outlines provided to us before the conference will be made available on the website.

Workshop outline:

  1. Overview of motivations and issues in writing cross-disciplinary synthesis papers
  2. Presentation of accepted topics followed by short discussion
  3. Workshop attendees organize into break-out groups around each of the presented topics to begin collaborating
  4. Full group discussion to plan next steps for writing manuscripts and submitting them as a paper series, collection, or special journal issue

E-mail proposals to Emily Dolson and Charles Ofria