Synthesizing Concepts from Biology and Computer Science


Workshop at ALife XV

Time: 16:00 on Tuesday July 5th, 2016

Location: Contoy Room

Often, research done by scientists in one field can take a long time to percolate to scientists in another field. This is especially true in Biology and Computer Science, even with closely related sub-fields such as evolutionary computation and evolutionary biology. Such delays can substantially slow down scientific discovery, leading to the premium that many funding agencies have placed on research that cuts across disciplines. The field of Artificial Life is populated by such interdisciplinary scientists, who are well-positioned to improve this situation by surveying research from the constituent communities and synthesizing it into a coherent whole, including evolutionary biology, ecology, animal behavior, molecular biology, evolutionary computation, robotics, philosophy, and many other areas of biology and computer science. The goal of this workshop is to bring about such syntheses by organizing attendees into longer-term working groups to write cross-disciplinary reviews on subjects related to Artificial Life. To this end, we have accepted 8 proposals for such reviews. The proposers of each review will give a brief talk about their topic, why it merits such a review, and their preliminary vision for what their review should include. Audience members will be encouraged (but not obligated!) to join working groups for any reviews they are interested in contributing to.


Time Topic Authors Gitter Room
16:00 Intro Charles Ofria and Emily Dolson discuss
16:15 Diversity in Biological and Computational Populations Emily Dolson and Charles Ofria discuss
16:30 Fitness Michael Wiser discuss
16:45 Open-Ended Evolution Tim Taylor, Mark Bedau, and Alastair Channon discuss
17:00 Synthesizing Concepts in self-modification Simon Hickinbotham and Susan Stepney discuss
17:15 Comprehensive Review of Plasticity Leigh Sheneman and Arend Hintze discuss
17:30 Modularity and its Origins Jessica Lowell discuss
17:45 Recombination in Biology and Computer Science Dusan Misevic discuss
18:00 Applied Co-Evolution Luis Zaman discuss
18:15 Concluding Discussion   discuss

Everyone who is interested in contributing to the review series is invited to join us for lunch on Wednesday to informally discuss these ideas further. Location TBD.

Contribution Guidelines

A draft of the guidelines for contributions to this review series is available here. Timelines for completing the papers, as well as other modifications to these guidelines, will be discussed at the workshop.

Collaboration Tools

For more information, e-mail the organizers.